Thursday, 5 March 2009

Becoming Human Opening edit

Here is the edited version of our opening the slight change we have made is that we made the section of conversation between the Robot and the doctor a bit more greener when u look at the doctor which gives a more added affect to the way the robot looks.
anyway see if you can notice it :)

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Becoming Human Opening

After some very hard work we have managed to complete the opening to our film "Becoming Human" it has been a heck of a struggle to get this done after half of our group not turning up due to illness. Our shot location was just long road field and the small media studio which we used for green screening the background. We thought during the editing that we make a blurry vision to start with before the robot gains perfect vision, we also gave the use of changing the colour to a more greenish look to show that it's the robots eyes we are viewing from. Another video of the opening will come shortly just to show some extra edits to add in. The music was done by Alex and he did do a pretty good job in the style of the movie we chose
Enjoy =]

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Monday, 2 March 2009

Becoming Human Rough Cut

Enjoy :)
Sam and Jack

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Our rough cut and problems

Ok with had a few problems coming up with our rough cut but we again managed to complete it within the time we were given. Our main problem was the fact that our props we planned to use failed to be ready in time but they should be ready by the time we start to complete our final product. We are also missing a few shots we planned to have with the rough cut and the final piece, this is mainly due to the fact our props weren't ready in time of the rough cut.  Another one of our problems was that two of our group members were ill or failed to turn up to lessons in order to us complete the rough cut task. 
Our rough cut shows what we have managed to do within the time limit and shows what we can do when under pressure and laking materials plus the techniques we have used in order to complete this rough cut.
Hopefully our final product will be much better than the rough cut and hopefully our problems will clear away and should be done way before the deadline for the final product has to be done.

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Shot List

Shot 1: Logo
Shot 2: Blank screen with credits and conversation unknown character is speaking to someone.
Shot 3: blurry vision of character more credits are shown.
Shot 4: blank shot as if the camera has blinked
Shot 5: the eyes have opened and vision is clear we can see a person with a name tag saying Dr Micro
Shot 6: camera/ eyes pans down to look at arm to check movement credits shown
Shot7: Camera looks at door ahead and walks towards it credit shown
Shot 8: Camera now reveals two characters on Dr micro and the other one named Robot. Micro is testing the speech system.
Shot 9: Third character walks in he is the assistant to Dr micro and finally meets Robot
Shot 10: Assistant check weapons and they are fine
Shot 11: Assistant tells Dr that everything is OK
Shot 12: Dr and Robot leaves the assistant doesn't know what is going on
Shot 13: Dr and Robot enter the weapon test centre
Shot 14: Close up Dr's and Robot hands Dr is giving Robot a gun
Shot 15: Camera acts as Robot eyes he is shooting and targets and hitting them all
Shot 16: Dr is think up an idea that has something to do with Robot
shot 17: They both walk off set
Shot 18: Title screen

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This is our animax for our opening of Becoming human

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Monday, 26 January 2009

A.I analysis

In this film opening of the movie Artificial intelligence, it discuss the creation of a child robot who can be loved by it's parent figure's and it can love them back. this opening does not show a=who the film cast or producers are. It's does show the title of this film by a merging two words together to form one word: A.I.
This film gives an introduction to a couple of characters:
The female robot which is introduced by the stabbing of the hand to show that the robots do have feeling as well as her face being removed in show how the robots looks without the skin grafting.
The scientist that gives out ideas to the other scientists about the new type of robot.
The family who comes to visit their cryogenicly frozen child who "passed away" five years ago.
Is does not give much of an induction of place the film will set in as they character move into different place through out the opening sequence. It is set in the future where the polar ice caps have melted and flood ll the coast lines around the world and he men limitations have had to be put on anything that uses up resources. The film start with a somber tone of the death of people from less developed country's and the destruction of coastal city's and later in the sequence when the characters visit the dead son the somber tone continues there are also moral issue raised with the discussion of weather robots should be able to love. The opening reveals the genre as science fiction from the start as they are talking about robots and ideas in how to improve them.

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Film Synepsis

Becoming human

The story begins with the activation of a robot. The robot is built to kill by a maniac scientist called doctor micro. Doctor micro builds this robot to take over the world. His assistant professor Cambria realises what his plans are for taking over the world. Professor Cambria tries to teach the robot to be good since doctor micro builds the robot with human functions as well the robot can understand feelings. Day’s later doctor micro finds out what Cambria is doing and plans to assassinate his assistant, with the assistant dead the doctor finds out that the robot has escaped/ let free by the assistant to go with his assistants friends which are children and decides to build a robot with a bomb to be set to go off at a certain time which is the election at the white house. The children find out that the doctor has built another robot decide to warn the president who doesn’t believe them, therefore the children and the robot must try and save the whole world, this leads to a fight between the two robots. With only minutes left the robot sacrifices himself to save the children and the world by absorbing the bombs energy therefore destroying itself. The doctor is then found out and is arrested swearing that he will get his revenge very soon despite being locked up in a maximum security prison/ mental hospital and the kids being happy again with the memories of the robot within them.

And that's our story for our opening sequence hope you enjoy it

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Our Robot Moodboard

The pictures shown are related to our film opening. I have mainly chosen pictures of robots, computers and electrical devices. Although you will not be able to see the robot in our film opening because its in a first person view of the robot. Also the pictures of the computers and computer scientists are there because those are the kind of things you will see when the robot activates.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Analysis of compaerable openings

Wall-E does have many of the different conventions of an opening sequence, at the end of the sequence the title of the film, Wall-E, is overlaid to take up most of the screen it also introduces you to the main character who is a robot called Wall-E this also give a Strong impression that most if not all of the other characters will also be robots.
It also set the tone of the movie by having the sober tones of an abandoned earth yet also with the light hearted comedic tones of Wall-E having befriended a small insect, probably a cockroach. By using these tones it help to set the genre of a comedy for younger audiences and it sets up questions for the rest of the film like where has everybody gone?
besides this it also missed out some key components of an opening sequence as it does not have any of the cast and crews names also it does not give much of a clue to the time period but it does suggest that it is in the future and the it also does not have a signature theme tune like most movies but it does have a sound bit of Wall-E saying his name.

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Our ideas

1. An adventure story for younger audiences:
• Super human style superhero movie e.g. superman
• Fantasy/other worldly style movie e.g. Narnia, harry potter.
• Treasure hurt style e.g. Muppets treasure island, pirate of the Caribbean
• Comedies e.g. home alone, Simpsons.
• Anthropomorphic movies e.g. toy story, the snowman
• Virtual reality movies e.g. Tron.

2. A crime caper with an ensemble cast:
• Murder e.g. the lady-killers.
• Robbers against the protagonist e.g. pink panther
• Robbers are the protagonist e.g. oceans 11-13 Italian Job

Our Ideas
1st idea
• English
• Kids find treasure map
• Wanted by badguys
• Setting: church, long road (maybe), river, gardens,
• Props: map, fishing rods, boot, etc.

2nd idea
• Robot
• Activation of a robot
• Doing things in lab/workshop
• Props: robot arms, lab coats, screwdriver & other tools, circuit boards, etc.
• Location: D ‘n’ T tech room

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Monday, 12 January 2009

Company Logo Examples

The minimalist imagery contrasts with the often gaudy logos of American production companies like Tristar, Paramount, etc. Whilst still remaining distinctive, subtly showing their iconic chicken logo in the shadows created on the wall. The opening logo also uses the yellow colour palette often associated with the company.

The animated pixar logo not only displays the talent of the 3d animators at the company, but also shows the sense of humour usually present in their films. The logo is obviously aimed at children, the main audience of their productions.

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Analysis of opening credits

The opening of the film "pink panther" the 1964 version it gives a detailed description of the cast and crew. the opening also does the title of the film in a comedy style way starting with "The Ink Ant" then to "The Pink Pant" then showing the full title "The Pink Panther" The opening doesn't show any characters expect for one, The pink panther. Despite the pink panther is a diamond. The opening doesn't show any main location but the style of the other cartoon character gives it a sense that this film is set in France. This opening give the viewer the look that this film is set in the 1960's . The opening sequence does give an idea of what the mood of the movie with the use of the animation where the 'Pink Panther' is being pursued by a white glove and detective also the music helps to set the tone by being slightly jumpy. the theme tune is accompanied with the animation of the detective and the 'Pink Panther' to fit with the music and the comic elements with in the title sequence help the theme tune stay in your head so it is instantly recognisable later in the film. The opening gives a huge gift of what the genre for this film is. This genre is a crime caper type genre with hints of comedy in the film. Within the title sequence there are no question rasied but due to the inherent nature of the genre questions will be raised during the film. There are Patterns throughout the entire film regarding the pink panther animation that echos the theme of the diamond that appears throughout the film. There is no mise en scene nor cinematography in the title sequence that will be repeated throughout the film.

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Friday, 28 November 2008